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1-минутные демонстрационные треки:

Army Of Urods Somewhere Over The Rainbow download, 500kb
Zlaxyi Pidorasts 1 Prosto Pesdets download, 250kb
Влажные Ватрушки Ganson - Chavneau (cut) download, 800kb
dj Basil Sonor mortis (cut) download, 800kb
is3 Husky (short mix) (cut) download, 600kb
Orbital Theory No Duality (trolley version) (cut) download, 700kb
DMT More UnHappy Hardcore (cut) download, 700kb
Uoki-Toki Legalize It (cut) download, 300kb
Complex Numbers Неизбежность (russian SE) (cut) download, 700kb
The Machines Мула (cut) download, 700kb
Drugkomputer Документ 03 (cut) download, 800kb
Frank Maverick Mr. & Mrs. Sapiens (cut) download, 600kb
Sport & Music The Sunset (cut) download, 900kb
Johnny Dowd Wrong Side of the Tracks (cut) download, 600kb
Tolstoin Oppipakko Tummaihoinen (cut) download, 900kb
Dmitry Zavalishin Outer Space (cut) download, 900kb
Вихрь Полосы (cut) download, 800kb
Джек Совок Track 03 (cut) download, 500kb
Mechanism Linoz Isidoz (cut) download, 500kb

Релизы лейбла:

ZXR00000066 Влажные Ватрушки (Damp Cheese Cakes) album "Secrets Of The Trombonic Arts" download, 43mb mp3
ZXR00000023 dj Basil mix "Sonor mortis" download, 72mb mp3 / download, 553mb flac
ZXR00000015 is3 CDEP "Husky" download, 15mb mp3
ZXR00000024 Orbital Theory CDEP "Forest Being" download, 19mb mp3 / download, 143mb flac
ZXR00000021 DMT CDEP "UnHappy Hardcore 2" download, 20mb mp3
ZXR00000032 Uoki-Toki CDEP "Sex, Drugs & War Mars" download, 20mb mp3
ZXR00000088 Комплексныее Числа (Complex Numbers) maxi-single "Last Ring" download, 42mb mp3
ZXR00000016 The Machines CDEP "Records of 2005" download, 11mb mp3
ZXR00000019 Drugkomputer album "Katalepsy" download, 39mb mp3
ZXR00000018 Frank Maverick mini-album "Playin' The Fool" download, 30mb mp3
ZXR00000022 Sport & Music CDEP "Техника преодоления возражений" download, 19mb mp3
ZXR00000044 Johnny Dowd poetry-album "More or Less" download, 22mb mp3
ZXR00000020 Tolstoin Oppipakko CDEP "Aaaaniaa" download, 14mb mp3 / download, 95mb flac
ZXR00000064 Dmitry Zavalishin album "Fairy Tales" download, 27mb mp3
ZXR00000014 Вихрь album "SaTiva Ka Sa" download, 48mb mp3
ZXR00000026 Джек Совок album "Жабба" download, 48mb mp3