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Army of Urods/Zlaxyi Pidorasts 11:

Lodo Army Of Urods/Zlaxyi Pidorasts 11 (rus)
Army Of Urods / Zlaxyi Pidorasts 11 - "Micropenis" atunyẹwo nipasẹ Andrew Kugaevskiy (rus)

dj Basil:

Moscow Speedcore Scum (eng)

Complex Numbers:

Complex Numbers - art-techno project (rus)


DMT - osise aaye

Frank Maverick:

Frank Maverick - osise aaye


is3's blog (rus)

Johnny Dowd:

Johnny Dowd - osise aaye

Sport & Music:

Sport & Music at promodj (rus)


Uoki-Toki at vk (rus)

Vlazhnie Vatrushki:

Lodo Vlazhnie Vatrushki (rus)

Zlaxyi Records:

Atijọ sii ZlaxyiRecords

Our friends:

Eye-Pro (rus)
Turbinicarpus Records (eng)